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2013 Editorial
FIFPro Day of Legends
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Day of Legends
The proof, ten times over
Ten figures are sometimes worth more than long speeches. Those below remind us that the Day of Legends, organized for the first time in the Principality of Monaco, was a resounding success—to put it mildly!
Equals the number of faults committed by the organizers of the Day of Legends. FIFPro, the Djoça events agency and Monaco’s Société des Bains de Mer—not to mention the Principality itself—”did a fantastic job”, to quote the players. “It’s really nice to be here, to meet former fellow players once again, to enjoy yourself, play a round of golf, take the mickey out of each other—and then struggle to win, as we did on the turf yesterday!”
Like the pair of French goalkeepers who got their names on the winners’ list in the team competition: Jérôme Alonzo and Stéphane Porato.
The number of FIFPro’s accredited golfing ambassadors who were present in Monaco: Christian Karembeu (France), Peter Schmeichel (Denmark) and Teddy Sheringham (England).
And this was the fourth FIFPro golf tournament to be organized along with the Djoça sports agency. The Day of Legends won its bet that it would live up to its name by proposing a dream venue, every single year.
A dozen countries were represented on the splendid course of the Monte Carlo Golf Club: Germany, England, Belgium, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.
Was the number on the scorecard handed in by Alain Boghossian, who dominated the competition and carried off the gross individual ranking, hands down. “He’s a pro, an enthusiast, a crack!”, groaned his opponents resignedly in chorus.
Yes, that many football legends came from all over Europe to be present on this fourth occasion. The participation rate is going up, and the record looks likely to be broken next year already, if we can believe the players themselves: they seem firmly determined to boost this event, which slowly but surely is winning its spurs.
42 (2)
This was the number of points that enabled Stéphane Porato (France), who entered at the last minute, to win the net individual classification ahead of Daniele Massaro (Italy) and Hasan Salihamidzic (Germany).
Like… next year. And although we must be wary of hasty judgements, there is every reason to believe that the “next” Day of Legends will take place in Monaco. Wait and see!
20 000
That, in euros, is the amount of the cheque presented to Peace and Sport, FIFPro’s partner for the first time this year, 2013. Our footballing legends have shown their determination to support that association, presided over by Joël Bouzou, by sending a strong message of peace and hope.

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